naked love <3 <3

18 Jul

ok so since the summers in new york can be so hot, muggy, and just ugh,i usually keep the eyes minimal and do bold lips for my focal point.a simple lid and crease color will do,with a cat-eye or winged liner.and i noticed since the start of summer I’ve been reaching for my urban decay naked palette,thank goodness because i barely used it when i bought it during the winter even though i searched every sephora high and low from manhattan to nassua county,I’m not the biggest fan of neutral colors but as a make-up junkie i felt obligated to have it and it has proved to be quite handy.if you don’t have this palette get it!it is a bit easier to find now than when it first came out but still scarce.




It’s me bitches!!!! :)

12 Jul

I’m a 20 year-old female from new york city,hailing specifically from Queens,yet 90% of my life is spent in manhattan.I LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE LOVE LLOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE anything beauty related I live for make-up,fashion comes at a close second.I’m inspired by the fashions of Kim Kardashian,Rihanna,and of course the great Beyonce, and uuhhhh if you want to throw Nicki Minaj in there for make-up you can.This blog will mostly be about make-up and a little fashion, here and there my daily outings.I work,go to school,and party.I also tweet @sexnlipstick follow me baby.I hold no punches when I talk or what i talk about so come live,learn,and love with me ❤ ❤ ❤


summer sexy

12 Jul

summer is in full effect,heat mosquitos and all,but amidst all that I can’t deny I”m in love with summer beauty trends,summer is when people bring out their brightest most colorful shadows,liners,lipsticks,polishes.Now me being a make-up lover I do bright and bold whenever i please.However for the summer there is something uber sexy about just a cat-eye and a bright bold lip,well for me at least.My faves right now are pink Nuevo,candy yum-yum (limited edition),girl about town,show orchid,fusion pink, all by M.A.C,and don’t forget big lashes!!!! you will soon see how much i love my tarantulas lol.